Table 5:

P values from the assessment of TTP, peak opacification, and AUC differences when comparing injection protocols: variable rate and duration with constant volume*

TTP CapillaryTTP ArterialTTP VenousPeak CapillaryPeak ArterialPeak VenousAUC CapillaryAUC ArterialAUC Venous
1–2 mL/s.0483.0075.9195.2043.1035
1–4 mL/s.0291.0644.0171.0057.2754
1–8 mL/s.0108.0371.0174.0229.3659
2–4 mL/s.8036.3116.0137.0854.0109
2–8 mL/s.4775.4571.0140.2575.0165
4–8 mL/s.6419.7819.9934.5236.8458
  • * P values for paired contrasts were not calculated if no overall significant difference of the group was observed.