Table 1:

Hemorrhage in PRES: relationship to clinical associations and blood pressure at toxicity

Toxicity AssociationTotal No. Pts with PRESPatients with PRES and Hemorrhage
No. Hemorrhage (%)Blood Pressure in Pts with PRES Hemorrhage
Normotensive (MAP ≤ 105)Mild HTN (MAP, 106–115)Severe HTN (MAP ≥ 116)
Immunosuppression5011 (22.0)317
    Solid-organ transplant344 (11.8)211
    Allo-BMT157 (46.7)106
    Other*10 (0.0)
Infection/sepsis/shock526 (11.5)411
Autoimmune122 (16.7)002
Chemotherapy101 (10.0)010
Eclampsia181 (5.6)001
Unknown92 (22.2)002
Total15123 (15.2)7313
  • Note:—Pts indicates patients; CsA, cyclosporine; HTN, hypertension; –, none; PRES, posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome; MAP, mean arterial pressure; FK-506, tacrolimus; Allo-BMT, allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.

  • * A single patient with psoriasis on cyclosporine.

  • Patients with eclampsia and delayed eclampsia.

  • Transplant, on cyclosporine, or tacrolimus (FK-506).