Table 2:

P values from the assessment of TTP, peak opacification, and AUC differences when comparing injection protocols: variable rate and volume with constant duration (2 seconds)*

RateTTP CapillaryTTP ArterialTTP VenousPeak CapillaryPeak ArterialPeak VenousAUC CapillaryAUC ArterialAUC Venous
2–4 mL/s.9598.4923.4592.1147.0179.0020.1111.0152.0002
2–6 mL/s.1024.0110.0302.0022.0038.0002.0007.0003<.0001
2–8 mL/s.0126.0041.0114.0002.0011<.0001<.0001<.0001<.0001
4–6 mL/s.1117.0404.1165.0503.4158.2065.0171.0512.0584
4–8 mL/s.0139.0153.0465.0034.1592.0534.0018.0062.0020
6–8 mL/s.2680.6066.6069.1678.5229.4355.2423.2739.0918
  • Note:—TTP indicates time-to-peak; AUC, area under curve.

  • * P values for paired contrasts were not calculated if no overall significant difference of the group was observed.