PRES subjects: clinical details and history of patients with PRES and corresponding hemodynamic measures

PatientAge/SexTime from Onset to ScanBlood PressureSymptoms/Clinical History
138/F<1 day180/110Chronic hypertension, postpartum eclampsia
266/F2 days198/83Hypertension
319/M4 days200/100Hypertension, ESRD, altered mental status
444/F1 day240/115Hypertension and eclampsia
512/F8 days129/79Hypertension nephrotic syndrome, seizures
642/F13 days180/100Hypertension, ESRD, hypercalcemia
729/F<1 day172/91Hypertension, cystic fibrosis, pancreatitis
823/F8 days104/76Pre-B cell ALL
  • Note.—F, female; M, male.