Clinicoradiologic data in patients with diffusion abnormality remote from ICH

Patient/Sex/Age (y)Time after ICH (days)Location of ICHTreatmentHyperintensity
1/M/3340R ECSurgicalC, P, T, SNC, P, T, SN
2/M/5227L ECSurgicalC, P, TC, P, T
3/F/5528R ECSurgicalC, T, SNC, T
4/M/5124R ECConservativePP
5/F/518R ECSurgicalC, PC, P
6/F/7854L ECConservativeC, TC, T
7/M/7017L EC/TSurgicalC, PC, P
8/M/6630L ECSurgicalC, P, TC, P, T
9/M/7416R ECConservativeC, P, TC, P, T
  • Note.—C is the caudate nucleus head; EC, external capsule; P, putamen; SN, substantia nigra; and T, thalamus.