Sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and interobserver agreement in assessing stroke extent by ASPECTS score (> Embedded Image ASPECTS)

Imaging StudyASPECTS ScoreSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Accuracy (%)κ
Nonenhanced CT8.4 ± 1.942.967.662.80.446
    TTP review6.9 ± 2.587.5*68.472.20.716*
    MTT review7.2 ± 2.394.4**
    rCBF review7.4 ± 2.385.7*87.2*86.9*0.691*
    rCBV review7.8 ± 2.162.5*92.1*86.3*0.669*
    Computerized automated method7.7 ± 2.372.2*91.8*87.9*NA
Follow-up7.4 ± 2.1NANANANA
  • Note.—PCT was globally more sensitive, specific, and accurate than nonenhanced CT in correctly classifying large strokes, with significantly increased interobserver agreement. NA indicates not applicable.

  • * Significantly superior to nonenhanced CT.