Published complication rates for coil embolization of cerebral aneurysms

Johnston et al6210% procedure-related adverse outcome rate in coiled unruptured aneurysms (adverse outcome not defined)
Duke et al632.5% procedure-related neurologic deficit rate
Johnston et al6411% procedure-related adverse outcome rate
Vanninen et al654% technique-related mortality rate
Bavinzski et al662.2% procedure-related mortality, 4.4% procedure-related morbidity
Solander et al2113% procedure-related temporary neurologic complication rate
Klein et al6724% inadvertent vessel occlusion secondary to coiling, 10% stroke/TIA rate secondary to coiling procedure
Eskridge et al6823% procedure-related embolus rate
Guglielmi et al694.8% procedure-related morbidity, 2.4% procedure-related mortality
Murayama et al704.3% procedure-related neurologic morbidity for unruptured aneurysms
Kuether et al29.1% procedure-related morbidity, 7.8% procedure-related mortality
Raymond et al7122% procedure-related neurologic complications, 3% procedure-related mortality
McDougall et al7210% procedure-related neurologic complications
Byrne et al7318% procedure-related neurologic complications, 4% procedure-related mortality
Casasco et al744.2% procedure-related strokes, 7% procedure-related deaths
Brilstra et al14% procedure-related permanent neurologic complications, 8.5% procedure-related temporary neurologic ischemic complications, 1.1% procedure-related mortality
Soeda et al7520% procedure-related ischemic event rate in coiling or unruptured aneurysms
Vinuela et al68.9% procedure-related morbidity, 1.8% procedure-related mortality
Klotzsch et al7620% procedure-related neurologic complications
Holley et al777.1% procedure-related neurologic morbidity
Graves et al788% procedure-related stroke rate
Pelz et al2228% procedure-related neurologic thromboembolic rate (12% TIA rate, 17% stroke rate)