Locations of aneurysms

LocationRuptured (n = 118)Unruptured (n = 72)
Anterior circulation88 (74.6)53 (73.6)
    Anterior choroidal artery42
    Posterior communicating artery34
    Paraclinoid ICA732
    ICA bifurcation52
    A1 segment of the ACA11
    Anterior communicating artery456
    Distal ACA61
    M1 segment of the MCA10
    MCA bifurcation65
Posterior circulation30 (25.4)19 (26.4)
    Basal artery tip1611
    Distal posterior cerebral artery31
    Superior cerebellar artery23
    Basal artery trunk11
    Vertebrobasilar junction10
    Posterior inferior cerebellar artery73
  • Note.—Data in parentheses are percentages. ACA is anterior cerebral artery; ICA, internal carotid artery; and MCA, middle cerebral artery.