Summary of 5 patients with 6 type A CCF treated with a combination of metallic stent and platinum coils

Patient No.Major SymptomsAgeSexMechanismVenous AccessArterial AccessEmbolic MaterialOutcomeClinical Outcome Last Follow-up
1Headache Visual Loss55MTraumaSOV via IPSCoilsComplete occlusionNo CCF recurrence
2Proptosis Visual loss19MGSWICACoilsComplete occlusionNo CCF recurrence
3Proptopsis Chemosis Left CN palsy20FTraumaICACoils LAComplete occlusionNo CCF recurrence Traumatic CNP
3Proptosis Chemosis Left CN palsy20FTrauma–SOV via facial veinICACoils LAComplete occlusion One coil stretchNo CCF recurrence Traumatic CNP
4Proptosis83F?IPSCoilsComplete occlusionNo CCF recurrence
5Ptosis Diplopia Headache62FCavernous ICA AneurysmIPSCoilsComplete occlusionNo CCF or aneurysm recurrence
  • Note—GSW indicates Gunshot wound, IPS, Inferior Petrosal Sinus; SOV, Superior Ophthalmic vein; LA, Liquid Adhesive; and CNP, Cranial nerve palsy.