Measurements from six regions

VesselPatient vessel, workstation (see Fig 1) in mmWax from mold (see Fig 2) in mmRecreated vessel, workstation (see Fig 4) in mmVariance, percent, column 1 to column 3 measurement
Internal carotid artery4.04.04.0N/A
Carotid bulb dilitation5.14.75.0−2%
Stenosis, bulb1.51.51.7+12%
External carotid artery2.42.22.40%
Common carotid artery5.55.65.9+7%
Ulcer, cranio-caudal4.24.24.20%
  • Note.—For more accuracy, we enlarged the JPEG images photographically to a point where two observers made nearly identical measurements. We then assumed the internal carotid artery to be a 4 mm vessel, and used that as the baseline comparison for variance.