Foramen tympanicum reported in the literature

Patient Age (y)/SexSide and HistoryPhysical FindingImaging FindingDiagnosis
Heffez et al. 19893
    67/FR, painSwelling/OMRCT: bony defect, MRI: herniationTMJ herniation
    53/FR, painSwelling/OMRPolystomograms: tympanic plate defectTMJ herniation
Weissman et al, 19914
    15/FLSwelling/OMRNATMJ herniation
Sharma et al, 19845
    58/FR, otorrheaAnterior punctum, flow while sucking on a sweetNASalivary fistula
Chilla, 20026
    62/FL, otorrheaAnterior polypNASalivary fistula
Dingle, 19927
    75/MR, painSwelling/OMRNAEAC fistula
Tahir and Rubinstein 200017
    64/MR, HLClear fluid on anterior wallCT: bony defectArthritis
Hawke et al, 198718
    68/FR/L, HLSwelling/OMRCT: anterior bony defect, soft tissue herniation/OM anterior retractionMeniscus herniation
Cecire and Austin, 199119
    60/ML, otorrheaPolypCT: anterior defect, soft tissue herniationPolyp
Hawke et al, 198820
    58/FR, otorrheaSwelling/OMRCT: R/L dehiscence of anterior wallEAC fistula
Our study
    52/FL, otorrheaNormalSialo-CT: subcutaneous nodular enhancementSalivary fistula
    90/FR, painSwellingCT: soft tissue herniationTMJ herniation
Our series
    58/FLNACT: foramen tympanicumNA
    38/FR/LNACT: foramen tympanicumNA
    92/FRNACT: foramen tympanicumNA
    39/MR/LNACT: foramen tympanicumNA
  • Note.—NA = not applicable, OMR = retraction upon opening of mouth, HL = hearing loss.