Clinical characteristics of patients

PatientSexDiagnosisAge at Diagnosis (years)Protocol and Phase of Treatment When Event Occurred
1FHR-ALL16.3CCG-1961 consolidation
2FLymphoblastic lymphoma14.8CCG-A5791-like DI no. 1/1
3MSR-ALL6.8CCG-1991 DI no. 1/2
4MHR-ALL16.4CCG-1961 DI no. 2/2
5FHR-ALL12.7CCG-1961 DI no. 2/2
6MLarge cell lymphoma9.7CCG-5961
  • Note.—F indicates female; M, male; ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia; HR, high-risk; SR, standard-risk; CCG, Children’s Cancer Group; DI, delayed intensification.