Relevant patient and aneurysm characteristics of the six patients who suffered an early rebleeding after coiling of a ruptured aneurysm

Patient Number, Sex, and Age (years)Aneurysm Location and SizeTreatment Delay after SAH (days)Clinical Condition at Time of TreatmentIntracerebral Hematoma on Admission CTInitial Aneurysm OcclusionRebleed Delay (days after coiling)Outcome (days after coiling)Angiogram after Rebleeding
1. F, 52AcomA 6 mm0HH VYes100%2Death (2)No
2. M, 68AcomA 5 mm10HH IIIYes100%16Death (21)No
3. F, 34PcomA 4 mm1HH IIIYes100%4Death (15)Yes
4. M, 50AcomA 5 mm1HH IINoResidual aneurysm filling2Death (2)No
5. M, 53AcomA 3, 5, 12 mm12HH VYes100%10 and 35Death (92)Yes (2×)
6. M, 26AcomA 3 mm4HH IVYesResidual aneurysm filling7Death (14)No
  • Note.—HH indicates Hunt and Hess grading; AcomA, anterior communicating artery; PcomA, posterior communicating artery.