Patient Demographic Data

Age (years)/SexSiteSize (mm)WFNS Grade at PresentationProximal/Distal ThrombosisAneurysm Occluded/(%)/No of Coils before Cx/Further CoilsAbciximab Dose/RouteAngiographic ResponseDeficit or Complication/GOSGOS
56/FACOM5.7 × 3.51PNo (80%)/3/25mg Abciximab IV, 500mg aspirin IVComplete, immediateRupture6
68/MACOM5 × 31PYes/5/05mg Abciximab IV, 30mg Papavarine IAComplete, immediateNone1
27/FPCOM98 × 81PYes/5/05mg Abciximab IVPartial, immediateNone1
63/MACOM6.5 × 7.52PYes/4/020mg of Abciximab IV,500mg aspirin IVPartial,immediateShunt/haematomaevacuation4
72/FPCOM2.2 × 3 × 22DNo (0%)/0/45mg Abciximab x2 IV,direct agitation ofbasilar thrombusPartial,immediateCerebellarinfarct1
52/MACOM7 × 51PNo (60%)/4/05mg Abciximab IV ×2,500mg aspirin IVComplete,immediateNone1
59/MBasilar tip12 × 12 × 105DNo (20%)/6/010mg Abciximab IVComplete,immediatePCA infarct1
79/FACOM7 × 5.4 × 6.71DYes/4/07.5mg Abciximab IVComplete,immediateRightACAinfarct1
51/FPCOM6.3 × 6 × 75 to 2P, DYes/13/0Abciximab 5mg IVComplete,immediateNone1
70/MMCA5 × 42DYes/4/05mg Abciximab IV,40mg Papavarine IA,5mg Abciximab IV,30mg Papavarine IAPartial aftersecondAbciximabdoseTransienthemiparesis1
52/FPCOM15 × 141PNo (90%)/13/3500mg aspirin IV,Abciximab 5mg IVComplete,immediateTransienthemiparesis/dysphasia1
46/FPICA2 × 5 × 21PYes/2/0Abciximab 5mg IV/500 mg aspirin IVNA/prophylaxisNone1
29/FPCOM9 × 7.62PYes/6/0Abciximab 5mg IVComplete,immediateTransient lefthemiparesis1