Mean difference in stenosis value and 95% confidence intervals of all symptomatic stenosis for each imaging modality (cases of local signal loss assigned as 90% stenosis)

ModalityAll Examinations (Signal Loss = 90%)Examinations Without Local Signal Loss Only
Difference (%)95% Simultaneous CIDifference (%)95% Simultaneous CI
CE-MIP vs CT7.03.410.62.8−0.86.4
TOF-MIP vs CT2.8−0.86.5−0.8−4.42.8
CE-MPR vs CT4.00.47.6−0.8−4.42.7
TOF-MPR vs CT0.6−3.04.3−3.9−7.5−0.4
TOF-MIP vs CE-MIP−4.2−7.8−0.6−3.6−7.20
CE-MPR vs CE-MIP−3.0−6.60.6−3.6−7.2−0.1
TOF-MPR vs TOF-MIP−2.2−5.81.4−3.1−6.70.4
TOF-MPR vs CE-MPR−3.4−7.00.3−3.1−6.70.5
  • Note:—CI indicates confidence interval; CE, contrast-enhanced; MIP, maximum intensity projection; TOF, time-of-flight; MPR, multiplanar reformation. When only studies without local signal loss are included, the differences between the modalities decrease.