Previous studies of sacroplasty in patients with osteoporotic insufficiency fractures

Needle PlacementCement InjectionComplication(s)Clinical Follow-Up
Garant et al4Fluoroscopy under general anesthesia. Chiba needles placed in sacral foramina.FluoroscopyNone reportedAmbulatory and pain-free 9 months postprocedure
Brook et al1CT Guidance under general anesthesia in 2 patients.Intermittent CTPremature cement hardeningPain-free and ambulating at 8 and 16 months
Pommersheim et al3Fluoroscopy in 2 patients. CT guidance in 1. Patients under conscious sedation.Fluoroscopy in allCement extravasation in posterior soft tissuesPain-free at 14 and 16 weeks. One patient lost to follow-up
Deen and Nottmeier2Kyphoplasty with fluoroscopy in 2 patients. Brain LAB in one patient.Fluoroscopy in 2, Brain LAB in 1None reportedDecreased pain and increased function 3, 6, and 9 months after procedure
Butler et al7CT fluoroscopy under conscious sedation in 6 patients.Fluoroscopy in 5, CT in 1Inadequate cement distribution, venous intravasation, and extension into SI joint2–8 weeks. Significantly reduced or eliminated pain in 4 patients
  • Note:—SI indicates sacroiliac.