Table 1:

Characteristics of false-positive (n = 2) and false-negative (n = 10) evaluations

LocationSize (mm)ReaderConfidenceMain Reason for Results
    Supraclinoid ICA1.51 and 22, 1Very small, close proximity to bone
    Supraclinoid ICA1.81 and 23, 2Very small, close proximity to bone
    Supraclinoid ICA1.822Very small
    PcomA1.51 and 22, 2Very small, prominent infundibulum
    PcomA2.11 and 23, 3Very small, prominent infundibulum
    PcomA2.813Prominent infundibulum
    MCA bifurcation2.512Obscured by overlapping vessels
    MCA bifurcation2.823Obscured by overlapping vessels
    A12.811Unusual location
    Basilar tip3.921Atypical configuration, kissing aneurysm
    PcomA1.924Prominent infundibulum
    PcomA1.514Prominent infundibulum
  • Note:–ICA indicates internal carotid artery; PcomA, posterior communicating artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; A1, first segment of anterior cerebral artery. Confidence score refers to a 5-point scale of reader certainty in identifying the presence or absence of the aneurysms (1 = definitely not present; 2 = probably not present; 3 = equivocal; 4 = probably present; 5 = definitely present).