Table 1:

Location, stage of tumor, and the decrease in tumor volume as assessed by endoscopy

SexAgeTumor LocationTMNStageEndoscopic Response (%)
M40Buccal mucosaT3 N0III20
M66EpiglottisT3 N0III65
F80Oral tongueT3 N0III70
F49EpiglottisT3 N0III100
M53Base of tongueT3 N1III90
M53Base of tongueT3 N1III40
M63Base of tongueT1 N2cIV95
F57TonsilT2 N2aIV70
M55Base of tongueT2 N2aIV100
M48TonsilT2 N2bIV90
M48TonsilT2 N3IV70
F46EpiglottisT3 N2bIV60
M46TonsilT3 N2bIV100
F72Base of tongueT4 N0IV50
M55TonsilT4 N2bIV50
F53Base of tongueT4 N2cIV20
M58Base of tongueT4 N2cIV70
  • Note:—M indicates male; F, female.