Table 3:

Details of aneurysms with recanalization

WFNS GradeLocationSize (mm)NeckCoils UsedPostembolism ResultDegree of Recanalization
11AcomA3.3 × 3.7SMatrix onlyR1R1 TO R2
22AcomA2.5 × 3.5SMatrix onlyR1R1 TO R2
31ICA7.6 × 6.7SMixedR1R1 TO R2
4UnrupturedICA3.0 × 2.7SMixedR1R1 TO R3
51MCA7.4 × 6.0WMatrix onlyR1R1 TO R2
63MCA8.0 × 3.5SMixedR1R1 TO R2
71PcomA5.0 × 3.4WMatrix onlyR1R1 TO R2
81PcomA17.5 × 7.8WMatrix onlyR2R2 TO R3
91PcomA6.1 × 5.0WMatrix onlyR2R2 TO R3
105PcomA8.0 × 3.9SMixedR2R2 TO R3
112SC8.5 × 6.0WMixedR1R1 TO R3
122AcomA11.0 × 7.0WMixedR3R3 TO R3+ (M)
131PcomA7.5 × 8.6WMatrix onlyR3R3 TO R3+ (M)
141PcomA8.0 × 6.0WMatrix onlyR2R2 TO R3 (M)
151PcomA5.0 × 3.5SMatrix onlyR1R1 TO R3 (M)
161PICA4.0 × 3.0WMatrix onlyR3R3 TO R3+ (M)
175PICA6.0 × 4.0WMixedR3R3 TO R3+ (M)
  • Note:—R3 M indicates major recanalization; R3+, worse than previous R3 (ie, more contrast filling aneurysm sac); SC, superior cerebellar; S, small neck; W, wide neck; AcomA, anterior communicating artery; ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PcomA, posterior communicating artery; PICA, posterior inferior cerebellar artery.