Table 1:

Grading scale for elastase-induced saccular aneurysms

Scale NumberGrading Components
Gross NeckMicro NeckNeck CompactionDome
0No coverageUnorganized clotMacro-concaveBlood clot (all)
1<50% coverageFibrinMicro-concaveOrganized tissue in <1/3 of dome area
250–75% coverageFibrin with organized tissueFlatOrganized tissue in 1/3–2/3 dome area
3>75% coverageCompletely organized tissue, thickness ≤1/3 coil diameterConvexOrganized tissue in >2/3 of dome area
4N/ACompletely organized tissue, thickness >1/3 of coil diameterN/ACompletely organized loose tissue
5N/AN/AN/ACompletely organized dense fibrous or cellular tissue