Table 2:

Sequences run on patient 2

Acquisition Time (min:sec)TR (ms)TE (ms)Echo TrainResolutionIPAT AccelerationFactorComments
T1 SAG and Cor FSE2:18475163256 × 2562Nondiagnostic due to motion
T2 Ax FSE2:22589010421256 × 2052Nondiagnostic due to motion
T1 GRE, 3 planes0:321024.8NA256 × 1562Nondiagnostic due to motion
T1 FSE with navigator, 3 planes4:00–6:00429103256 × 2052Diagnostic
T2 Ax FSE4:30589010421256 × 2052Diagnostic
  • Note:—IPAT indicates integrated parallel acquisition technique; SAG, sagittal; Cor, coronal; FSE, fast spin-echo; Ax, axial; GRE, gradient-echo; NA, not applicable. Both the TR and the acquisition time will be a variable of the frequency of patient motion. They should be adjusted inversely with concatenations to keep the effective TR short for T1 sequences.