Table 5:

Clinical outcomes in 10 patients after basilar artery stenting for symptomatic athero-occlusive disease

Patient No.Follow-Up (months)mRSPersistent SymptomsClinically Significant Interval EventsMaintenance Medical Therapy at Last Follow-Up
1440Clopidogrel, aspirin, atorvastatin
24604 hospitalizations for gastrointestinal hemorrhage secondary to excessive anticoagulationWarfarin, aspirin
3453Chronic imbalance, positional dizzy spells, dominant hand disability related to access site complicationMRI 44 months poststent performed to assess recurrent vertigo, diplopia, and gait ataxia while on clopidogrel showed no new infarcts. Angiogram showed 50% concentric stenosis just proximal to stent. Symptoms stabilized on heparin and remained stable on warfarin.Warfarin, clopidogrel, simvastatin
4392Fixed difficulties with fine motor controlWarfarin, aspirin, simvastatin
510 days6NANANA
6293Fixed gait ataxia, vertigo, dysarthria, dysphagiaAspirin, warfarin, simvastatin
7383Fixed left hemiparesis, diplopiaWarfarin
8183Fixed left hemiparesis, dysphagiaMajor myocardial infarction 30 days after discharge from stent hospitalization. Treated by coronary artery bypass grafting surgery and automated implantable cardiac defibrillatorWarfarin, lovastatin
9120Clopidogrel, aspirin, simvastatin
1082Fixed gait ataxia, dysarthria, dysphagiaAspirin, fenofibrate
  • Note:—mRS indicates modified Rankin score; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, NA, not applicable.