Table 2:

Imaging findings of the 13 patients, showing locations of conventional MR imaging, SWI (cortex and white matter), and PET abnormalities; for FDG-PET, areas with severe (>20% decrease) and mild (10–20% decrease) hypometabolism are indicated

PatientPast CT ScanConventional MRISWI AbnormalityFDG-PET Hypometabolism
CortexWhite MatterSevereMild
1NAL P angioma (small)L F-PL P
2R calcR P angioma (small), plexusR P, FR O
3L P calc (very small)L sP angioma (small)
4Normal (age 1.5 years)R P angioma R pP atrophyR F-PR PR T
5NAL p plexus L T angiomaL TL TO, iF
6NAR P, pT angioma, atrophy, R p plexusR TR P, pTR T
7NAR F, P, pT-O angioma R hemisphere atrophy R p plexusR F-P, pT-O L iF[R F*]R sT, sO R P-FR O
8L hem calcL hemisphere angioma L p plexusL P-O, F, T[L F*]L T-P-O, iFL sF
9NAL P angioma, plexusL P, TL F, cerebellumL P-T-OL F
10L P calcL P, pT, iF angiomaL P-T-O, FL FL P-T-OL F
11R P calcR sP, mT angiomaR sP-F, mT R mOR aTR pT-O R sP
12L hem calcL P-T-O, F angioma L posterior plexusL P-T, m-i FL FL T-P-OL T-P-O
13R F-P calc (age 8 months)R F-P angioma R F, T, P atrophyP p-i FR F-P R med TR T-P-O, FR F R T-P-O
  • Note:—SWI, susceptibility-weighted imaging; FDG, fluorodeoxyglucose; L, left; R, right; T, temporal; F, frontal; P, parietal; O, occipital; i, inferior; p, posterior; a, anterior; s, superior; m, middle; med, medial; WM, white matter; adj, adjacent; calc, calcification, NA, not available; hem, hemisphere.

  • * Only short streaks in the centrum semiovale.