Table 2:

Grading of patent DAVFs (Cognard) on TR 3D MRA

Correct Grading (%)Weighted κ Values95% Confidence Intervals (%)
Reader 1 vs. DSA11/13 (85%)0.9352%–100%
Reader 2 vs. DSA10/13 (77%)0.8640%–100%
Reader 1 vs. Reader 210/13 (77%)0.8640%–100%
  • Note:—DAVF indicates dural arteriovenous fistula; TR 3D MRA, time-resolved 3D MR angiography. Grading of DAVFs was performed according to the Cognard classification (6 types). All examinations that showed angiographically proved patent fistulas were included in this evaluation (n = 13). The interobserver agreement was determined by weighted κ values including 95% confidence intervals.