Table 1:

Clinical data of the 13 patients

PatientGenderAge at Onset (years)Age at Epilepsy (years)Seizure FrequencyDrugIQ
1F1.51.11/monthOXC, VPA, PHB86
2M1.90.5Free for 1 yearCBZ70
3F2.5No epilepsyAspirin102
4F2.81.5Free for 8 monthsLEV76
5F8.90.6Free for 8 yearsNone82
6M10.3No epilepsyNone69
8M4.30.4A few per yearOXC71
9F6.00.3A few per yearOXC60
10M6.00.510–30/dayLEV, VPA35
11M6.30.8Free for 2 yearsCBZ, LEV55
12F8.10.3Free for 3 yearsCBZ87
13F9.50.7A few per yearCBZ60
  • Note:—F indicates female; M, male; OXC, oxcarbamazepine; VPA, valproate; PHB, phenobarbital; LEV, levetiracetam; CBZ, carbamazepine.