Table 4:

Ischemic complications of basilar artery stenting

Patient No.Time of Onset Relative to StentingAnti-Thrombotic Medications at Time of IctusClinical PresentationAcute Infarcts (Imaging Modality)Catheter AngiographyAcute TreatmentMaintenance Therapy
5ImmediateAbciximabDeep coma; after withdrawal of support, patient died on poststent day 10Right cerebellum and anterior pons (CT)Not performedNot applicableNot applicable
6Day 4Clopidogrel, aspirin*Vertigo, ataxiaLeft cerebellum (MRI)No acute abnormalityHeparin, clopidogrel, aspirin × 8 daysClopidogrel, aspirin
Day 12Clopidogrel, aspirinHemiparesisLeft middle cerebellar peduncle (MRI)No acute abnormalityHeparin, tirofiban × 4 daysEnoxaparin, warfarin, aspirin
Day 17Aspirin, enoxaparin, warfarin (INR = 2.03 seconds)Dysarthria, hemiplegiaLeft pons (MRI)Not performedHeparin, tirofiban × 7 daysEnoxaparin, warfarin, aspirin
7Day 2TirofibanOphthalmoplegia, dysarthria, hemiplegiaRight pons (MRI)Stent thrombosisEndovascular mechanical thrombectomy and tirofiban × 2 daysWarfarin, tirofiban
8Day 1AbciximabHemiplegia, respiratory failureRight pons (MRI)No acute abnormalityHeparin × 6 days.Warfarin, clopidogrel, aspirin
  • Note:—INR indicates international normalized ratio; MRI, MR imaging;

  • * , when aspirin is indicated, 325 mg/day.