Demographics, clinical status, and surgical data

PatientAge/SexDiagnosisAdministration ProcedureSurgical Implications
115 d/FIIIv cystic tumor and asymmetric hydrocephalusTFEx-vacuo ventriculomegaly and ependymal cyst diagnosed; no surgery
21 m/MMulticystic hydrocephalusTFSurgical planning
32 m/MIsolated lateral ventricle and interhemispheric cystTFAgenesis of foramen of Monro diagnosed; surgical planning
416 y/MPosttraumatic rhinorrheaLPCSF leakage discarded; avoid surgery
511 y/MProgressive paraparesis after medullar tumor resectionLPLumbar arachnoiditis; avoid surgery
617 y/MPosttraumatic CSF leakageLPSurgical planning
77 y/MOrbital encephalocele; osteopetrosisLPSurgical planning
822 m/FHypertelorism; midline defectLPNo associated encephalocele; surgery delayed
99 m/MMulticystic hydrocephalusVP shuntExcluded IIIv diagnosed; surgical planning
108 y/MSpontaneous multiple CSF fistulaeLPSurgical planning; LuP shunt
Transient juvenile osteoporosisAvoid open surgery
  • Note:—IIIv indicates 3rd ventricle; TF, transfontanelle; LP, lumbar puncture; VP, ventriculoperitoneal; LuP, lumboperitoneal; d, days; m, month; y, year; F, female; M, male.