Table 1:

Demographic data, imaging, and diagnosis

PatientAge/SexClinical SymptomsDiagnosisSite of ThrombosisVenous Edema or Intracerebral Hemorrhage
137/fHemiparesis and sensory symptoms (l)Infarction right middle cerebri artery
2*83/fHeadacheSinus thrombosisLTS; LSS
347/fHeadacheSinus thrombosis; drowsinessSSS; RTS
423/mHeadache; visual disturbances; aphasiaSinus thrombosisLTS; LSSEdema
563/fHeadache; aphasia; hemiparesis (r)Sinus thrombosis; postoperative state; cerebral amyloid angiopathySSSEdema
729/fHeadacheSinus thrombosis; seizuresLTS; LSSEdema; ICH
935/fHeadache; drowsinessNormal
1054/fHeadache; seizuresSinus thrombosisSSS; LTS
1122/fDrowsiness; aphasiaNormal; seizures
1281/fHeadache; drowsinessPostoperative state
1376/fHeadache; aphasia; drowsinessNormal
1450/mSeizures; headacheSinus thrombosisSSS; SS; RTS; LTSEdema
1574/fConfusion; seizuresNormal
1652/mMental-status disorderSinus thrombosisSSS; RTS; RSS
1762/mHeadache; sensory symptoms (l)Sinus thrombosisRTS
1862/fSeizureInfarction right middle cerebri artery
1936/fHeadacheSinus thrombosisSSS
  • Note:—f indicates female; m, male; l, left-sided; r, right-sided; SSS, superior sagittal sinus; SS, straight sinus; RTS, right transverse sinus; LTS, left transverse sinus; RSS, right sigmoid sinus; LTS, left sigmoid sinus; ICH, intracerebral hemorrhage.

  • * Excluded from analysis due to significant motion artifacts.