Table 2:

Pearson correlation coefficients (r) for the associations between MMSE and various MR imaging measures among patients with AD (n = 18)

Adjusted WB volume0.47.048
Adjusted total Hc volume0.18.47
WB mean MTR0.00.99
Total Hc mean MTR0.19.44
Total PWM mean MTR0.10.71
Pons mean MTR0.09.71
WB MTR peak height0.03.90
WB MTR peak location0.17.49
WB MTR 25th percentile0.12.63
WB MTR median0.17.47
WB MTR 75th percentile0.21.40
  • Note:—MMSE indicates Mini-Mental State Examination; WB, whole brain; Hc, hippocampus; MTR, magnetization transfer ratio; PWM, parietal white matter.