Table 2:

Summary of the results

DeploymentConfigurationStrut Characteristics
Neuroform2AsymmetricIncreased opening of stent cells with decreasing angleInward and outward prolapse of the stent struts starting at 110° curve
Neuroform-TreoAsymmetricIncreased cell opening of the stent with decreasing angle (less than NF2)Less outward prolapse but more inward prolapse of the struts than NF2 with decreasing angles, starting at 75°
Loss of normal strut configuration starting at 110° curve
EnterpriseSymmetricChange of shape from round to ovalIncreasing trend to flatten and to kink at the concavity with increasing size of the “aneurysm neck”
Reduction of the stent diameter at the midsection starting at 90°
LEOSymmetricFlattening of the midsection of the stent starting at 90°Less tendency to kink and flatten than Enterprise
Flattening and narrowing of the distal and proximal ends starting at 115°Inward crimping of proximal and distal ends with lumen narrowing