Table 2:

MR imaging data

Patient No.Scan Date*Callosal LesionShapeT2WIT1WIGDDWIADCOther LesionsT2WIT1WIGDDWIADC
1Day 7 (3)SCCExtendedHIHLsym P WMHIHL
Day 14NoneNone
2Day 2 (2)Nonesym F, P WMIINEHL
Day 5SCCExtendeds1 HINEHLsym F, P WMs1 HINEHL
Day 12NoneNone
3Day 4 (2)SCCExtendedsl HINEHLsym F, P WMs1 HINEHL
Day 10NoneNone
4Day 1 (1)NoneNone
Day 2SCCOvales1 HIHLNone
Day 70NoneF GMs1 HINEII
  • Note:— GD indicates gadolinium enhancement; DWI, diffusion-weighted imaging; ADC, apparent difusion coefficient; SCC, splenum of corpus callosum; H, high signal; I, iso signal; L, low signal; NE, not examined; sym, symmetric; P, parietal; F, frontal; WM, white matter; GM, gray matter.

  • * Days after central nervous system manifestation are in parentheses following the scan date.

  • Frontal atrophy.