Table 1:

Clinical and imaging features of 7 patients with occluded internal carotid artery and acute stroke

Patient No./Age (y)/SexSite of Occlusion (CTA)Presence of Penumbra (CTP)NIHSS at PresentationNIHSS at Follow-up
1/54/MLICA and LMCA: M1Yes2215 (1 mo)
2/51/MLICA and LMCA: M1 and M2Yes151 (14 mo)
3/62/FRICA and RMCA: M1Yes210 (6 mo)
4/78/FLICA and LMCA: M1Yes110 (5 mo)
5/70/FRICA*Yes171 (14 mo)
6/28/FLICA and LMCA: M1No perfusion study170 (40 mo)
7/24/MRICA and RMCA: M1No perfusion study120 (1 mo)
  • Note:—CTA indicates computed tomographic angiography; CTP, computed tomographic perfusion; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; RICA, right internal carotid artery; LICA, left internal carotid artery; RMCA, right middle cerebral artery; LMCA, left middle cerebral artery.

  • * Seen on MR angiogram.

  • Seen on MR perfusion study.

  • No perfusion imaging performed since the intervention “pre-dated routine perfusion imaging.”