Table 2:

MRI-DWI assessment after DSA in Mie University Hospital from 2002 to 2004 (control group)

Patient No./Age (y)/SexDiagnosisDSA Study (No. of vessels)MRI-DWI Study after DSAHigh-Intensity Spot on MRI-DWI
1/71/MBilateral IC stenosis41 day after(−)
2/46/FUnruptured aneurysm41 day after(+) (1 spot, 2mm)
3/29/FDural AVF6Same day(−)
4/31/FBrain tumor36 days after(−)
5/76/MRight IC stenosis410 days after(−)
6/39/MBrain tumor41 day after(−)
7/59/FBrain tumor61 day after(+) (1 spot, 2mm)
8/56/FBrain tumor4Same day(−)
9/77/FUnruptured aneurysm41 day after(−)
10/37/MBrain tumor35 days after(−)
11/64/MRight IC stenosis43 days after(−)
12/76/FRight IC stenosis48 days after(−)
13/77/MLeft IC occlusion4Same day(−)
14/49/MLeft MC occlusion4Same day(−)
15/59/FLeft IC occlusion41 day after(−)
16/76/MRight IC stenosis41 day after(−)
17/43/FUnruptured aneurysm44 days after(+) (2 spots, 2mm)
18/58/MLeft IC stenosis410 days after(−)
19/53/FRight VA dissection41 day after(−)
20/69/MRight IC stenosis41 day after(−)
21/48/MUnruptured aneurysm41 day after(−)
22/71/MRight IC stenosis41 day after(−)
23/74/MLeft IC stenosis, Right IC occlusion41 day after(−)
24/74/FUnruptured aneurysm41 day after(−)
25/59/MLeft VA occlusion41 day after(−)
26/44/MUnconsciousness due to hypnotics4Same day(−)
  • Note:—MRI-DWI indicates magnetic resonance imaging–diffusion weighted imaging; DSA, digital subtraction angiography; within the DSA study column, 4 vessels, bilateral common carotid arteries and bilateral vertebral arteries, and 6 vessels, bilateral internal and external carotid arteries and bilateral vertebral arteries; IC, internal carotid artery; MC, middle cerebral artery; VA, vertebral artery; AVF, arteriovenous fistula. Average age was 58.3 ± 15.3 years.