Table 3:

Neurologic deficits in 7 pediatric patients with pontine tumors

Patient No.Neurologic Deficit (Grade* and Location)
CorticospinalCranial NervesSensoryAtaxia
1Mild (left)Mild (left) VIN/AAbsent
2Mild (right)M/S (left) VI, VII, IXN/AAbsent
4AbsentM/S (bilateral) VI (left), VII, IXAbsentM/S (bilateral), worse on left
5AbsentM/S left gaze, VI, VII, and partial IXAbsentSevere gait, moderate bilateral limb dysmetria
6Mild (bilateral), worse on leftM/S (bilateral) VI, IX, worse on rightN/AMild gait, left limb dysmetria
7AbsentAbsentAbsentMild limb dysmetria
  • Note:—N/A indicates not available.

  • * Deficits were classified into 2 grades: absent/mild, and M/S, moderate/severe.