Table 1:

Characteristics of patients with one treated vertebral compression fracture (VCF) and no new VCF or pain at another untreated level during follow-up (subgroup A) and the remaining patients (subgroup B)

Total GroupSubgroup ASubgroup BP Value
No of patients643133
Median age (y) (range)70 (47–88)70 (47–88)70 (51–88).5
    Mean age (y)696870
Women (%)49 (77)24 (77)8 (24).9
No. of VCF treated by PV893159-
Median age in months of treated VCF (range)4 (2–48)4 (2–13)4 (2–48).3
    Mean age5.54.56.0
Extent bone marrow edema in treated VCF
    Minor (1%–24%)665
    Moderate (25%–74%)272628.95
    Severe (75%–100%)676867
Shape treated VCF (%)
Grade treated VCF (%)
Median injected cement volume (cc) (range)3.0 (1.0–4.5)3.0 (1.2–4.5)2.6 (0.8–4.0).01
Median initial VAS for pain (range)9.0 (4–10)8.0 (4–10)10 (6–10).02
Initial pain medication (%)
Patients with multiple treated VCF (%)19 (29)-19 (58)-
Patients with new VCF after PV (%)17 (26)-17 (52)-
Patients with pain at another untreated level7 (11)-7 (21)-
After PV, but without new VCF (%)
  • Note: — PV indicates percutaneous vertebroplasty; VAS, visual analog score; NSAID, nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs.

    P values indicate differences in subgroups A and B.