Table 3:

Aneurysm volume and relevant packing results of 35 aneurysms treated with helical GDC 18 coils compared with 35 volume-matched controls treated with complex Trufill/Orbit coils

GDC 18Trufill/OrbitP value (t test)
Number of aneurysms3535
Aneurysm volume.98
    Mean297 mm3295 mm3
    Median400 mm3406.5 mm3
    Range26–1450 mm327–1504 mm3
    SD327 mm3383 mm3
Largest aneurysm diameter
    Mean10.3 mm9.6 mm
    Median10 mm10 mm
    Range4–22 mm4–17 mm
Σ Aneurysm volumes14 002 mm314 229 mm3
Σ Inserted coil length2794 cm4446 cm
Coil length per mm3 aneurysm volume0.20 cm0.31 cm
Mean coil length per aneurysm per mm30.224 cm0.339 cm<.0001
Total number of coils157238
Mean number of coils per aneurysm4.56.8.0024