Table 1:

Aneurysm volume and relevant packing results of 32 aneurysms treated with GDC 18 coils compared with 32 volume-matched controls treated with GDC 10 coils

GDC 18GDC 10P value (t test)
Number of aneurysms3232
Aneurysm volume.96
    Mean329 mm3333 mm3
    Median297.5 mm3309 mm3
    Range34–1333 mm335–1377 mm3
    SD230 mm3237 mm3
Largest aneurysm diameter
    Mean10.2 mm9.9 mm
    Median10 mm9.5 mm
    Range4–20 mm4–20 mm
Σ Aneurysm volumes10 542 mm310 643 mm3
Σ Inserted coil length2436 cm3419 cm
Coil length per mm3 aneurysm volume0.23 cm0.32 cm
Mean coil length per aneurysm per mm30.233 cm0.345 cm<.0001
Total number of coils145223
Mean number of coils per aneurysm4.57.0.005