Lesion effect on the adjacent white matter tracts and tract assessment after surgery

Patient No.TractPreoperative Assessment Based on TractographyPostoperative Assessment Based on Tractography
1Left CBDeviated and infiltratedReturns to normal position; locally interrupted
Left CSTDeviated and deformedClose to normal
CCInterrupted and partially deviatedReduced deviations/thinned
2Left CSTDeviatedNormal
Left IFOFLocally interruptedLocally interrupted
3Left CSTDeviated (with splaying and deformation)Reduced deviation
4Right CRInfiltrated and partially deviatedMore normal appearing; no apparent deviation; reduced region of infiltration
Right CCDeviated and partially infiltratedNo apparent deviation; reduced region of infiltration
Right SLFDeviated and possible infiltrationNo apparent deviation or infiltrations of the trunk region
5Left CSTDeviatedMore normal position
6Right CSTSlightly deviatedNormal
Right IFOF/UFMinor deviations with deformationMore normal position
  • Note:—CB indicates cingulum bundle; CST, cortico-spinal tract; CC, corpus callosum; IFOF, inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus; CR, corona radiata; SLF, superior longitudinal fasciculus; UF, uncinate fasciculus.