Table 4:

Odds ratios for different patient and aneurysm characteristics for the occurrence of thromboembolic complications leading to disability or death in 681 patients

VariableOdds Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Timing after SAH
    ≤3 d0.680.33–1.41
    Between 4 and 11 d1.150.55–2.40
Aneurysm location
    Posterior circulation0.270.08–0.90
    Anterior cerebral artery1.350.66–2.74
    Middle cerebral artery1.360.40–4.62
    Carotid artery1.510.71–3.20
Supportive balloon4.942.10–11.69
Clinical condition at the time of treatment
    HH I–II0.710.35–1.45
    HH III1.410.69–2.88
    HH IV–V0.640.22–1.85
Aneurysm size (mm)
  • Note:—SAH indicates subarachoid hemorrhage; HH, Hunt and Hess scale.