Table 2:

Patients with discordant results between 1.5T and 3T according to Barkhof MR imaging criteria

Patient No.Clinical PresentationNumber of Fulfilled MR Imaging CriteriaAdditional MR Imaging Criterion
1Optic neuritis01≥1 juxtacortical lesion
2Optic neuritis01≥1 infratentorial lesion
3Brain stem syndrome12≥9 T2 hyperintense lesions
4Brain stem syndrome12≥9 T2 hyperintense lesions
5Brain stem syndrome12≥1 juxtacortical lesion
6Optic neuritis12≥9 T2 hyperintense lesions
7Optic neuritis12≥1 infratentorial lesion
8*Optic neuritis23≥1 infratentorial lesion
9*Optic neuritis23≥9 T2 hyperintense lesions
10Optic neuritis34≥3 periventricular lesions
11Spinal cord syndrome34≥1 infratentorial lesion
  • * Patient fulfilled 3 criteria instead of 2 at 3T, and they were therefore diagnosed of having lesion dissemination in space according to McDonald diagnostic criteria.