Table 2:

Logistic regression analysis of outcome

mRS 0–1NIHSS 0–1
Interaction ASPECTS > 7 by treatment1.8 (0.92–3.5).0842.1 (1.1–4.2).036
Age (y)0.95 (0.93–0.97)<.00010.95 (0.93–0.97)<.0001
Baseline NIHSS0.86 (0.82–0.91)<.00010.86 (0.81–0.91)<.0001
Onset-to-treatment time (min)0.99 (0.99–1.003).3490.99–1.001.118
Glucose (mM)0.95 (0.90–1.01).1320.97 (0.90–1.03).305
  • Note:—mRS indicates modified Rankin Scale; ASPECTS, Alberta Stroke Program Early CT score; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale Score; OR, odds ratio. The interpretation of the OR of an interaction term in a logistic regression model is not intuitive or necessarily meaningful clinically. The statistical significance of the interaction term implies that there is a differential treatment effect according to whether the baseline CT scan is favorable or unfavorable. In the presence of an interaction, the OR of the main effects variables are also not clinically meaningful and therefore are excluded from the table. As in previous analyses, age and baseline stroke severity are strong prognostic factors.