Table 3:

Effect test results for the predictor variable of cement volume injected, from multivariable analysis with pain at each point in follow-up as the outcome variable in the models

Outcome VariableFor Predictor Variable of Cement Volume Injected
Coefficient EstimateStandard ErrorP value
Pain at rest, 1 wk−0.13370.1213.2702
Pain at rest, 1 mo−0.05040.1275.6928
Pain at rest, 6 mo0.07230.1580.6474
Pain at rest, 1 y0.05000.1924.7950
Pain at rest, 2 y0.39700.2820.1591
Pain with activity, 1 wk−0.01830.1127.8711
Pain with activity, 1 mo−0.04100.1140.7192
Pain with activity, 6 mo0.07200.1340.5907
Pain with activity, 1 y0.10510.1532.4928
Pain with activity, 2 y0.13020.2195.5531