Table 1:

Mean ASPECTS values and 95% CIs for differences in ASPECTS at baseline for NCCT and CTP compared with final NCCT ASPECTS

MNI (n = 7)a
    CBF−1.8–1.9NS−4.0 to −0.3S
    MTT−4.0 to −0.3S
No MNI (n = 29)
    NCCT−0.4–1.1NS1.7–4.0S**S 1.7–4.0S**0.6–2.2S
    CBV1.3–3.6S**S 1.4–3.6S**0.07–2.3S
  • Note:—MNI indicates major neurologic improvement; CBV, cerebral blood volume; CBF, cerebral blood flow; MTT, mean transit time; NS, nonsignificant; S, significant (level of significance determined by paired t test, P < .05, or S**, P < .01).

  • a In patients with MNI, mean CBV and NCCT were not significantly different from mean final NCCT ASPECTS, whereas in the absence of MNI, CBF, and MTT most closely approximated final NCCT ASPECTS.