Table 1:

Characteristics of patients treated with stent-assisted coiling

Case-No. (Age, y)SexAneurysm LocalizationPresenting SymptomsMaximum Aneurysm Diameter, mmMaximum Aneurysm Neck Diameter, mmHead/Neck Ratio
1 (66)FICA, extraduralProgressive, ipsilateral visual impairment1863.0
2 (63)MBasilar stemAsymptomatic, elective procedure43.51.1
3 (35)MBasilar stemSAH Hunt and Hess grade
4 (61)FBasilar tipBrain stem compression, hydrocephalus1371.3
5 (57)MBasilar tipSAH Hunt and Hess grade 4 at time of previous coiling125.52.2
6 (24)FICA MultilobulatedNo symptoms, elective procedure1061.7
7 (44)MBasilar stemSAH Hunt and Hess grade 3 at time of previous coiling2.521.25
8 (45)FBasilar tipSAH Hunt and Hess grade 3105.51.8
9 (46)FBasilar tipSAH Hunt and Hess grade 11161.8
10 (58)MFusiform vertebral artery aneurysm with saccular compAsymptomatic, previous SAH from inversely located vertebral aneurysm4 (saccular compartment)No neck, fusiform geometry–
11 (47)MFusiform vertebral artery aneurysmAsymptomatic11No neck, fusiform geometry–
  • Note:β€”ICA indicates internal carotid artery; M, male; F, female; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; –, no data.