Table 1:

Summary of patient histories

Patient no: Age/SexPrimary DisorderType of TransplantInterval between Transplantation and Symptoms OnsetNeurological SymptomsSpecimen and Quantity of HHV-6 PCROutcome
DisorientationShort-term Memory LossComaHypopneaConvulsion
1:49/FAcute leukemiaCord blood stem cell27++9000 (CSF) and 3000 (blood*) copies/mLImproved (remaining disorientation and memory loss)
2:41/FAcute leukemia(Peripheral blood stem cell)(979)++49,000 copies/mL (CSF)Improved (remaining disorientation and memory loss)
3:55/MNon-Hodgkin lymphomaBone marrow22++400,000 copies/mL (blood)Dead (sepsis)
4:52/MNon-Hodgkin lymphomaBone marrow14+++58,000 copies/mL (CSF)Improved
5:36/MAcute leukemiaBone marrow19+++++2300 copies/mL (CSF)Dead (intestinal pneumonitis)
6:37/FAcute leukemiaBone marrow17+++3000 copies/mL (CSF)Dead (liver failure)
  • Note:—HHV-6 indicates human herpesvirus 6; PCR; polymerase chain reaction.

  • * Peripheral blood.