Table 2:

Range of experimental parameters advised for SWI data collection at different field strengths*

FSFA (degrees)TR (ms)TE (ms)BW/pixel (Hz/pixel)
1.5T18–25 (20)50–60 (60)4070–100
3T12–17 (12)25–35 (30)2080–100
4T8–15 (12)25–35 (28)1580–120
7T11–17 (14)25–35 (30)10–16100–150
  • Note:—FS indicates field strength; FA, flip angle; BW, bandwidth.

  • * The values given in parentheses for FA and TR are the ones generally used by the authors. TEs given here are optimized for maximum signal cancellation from venous vasculature. Slightly shorter or longer TEs can be used for appropriate applications. However, note that for implementing shorter TEs, higher BW would be required, which would adversely affect the SNR of the image. One way to avoid this is to reduce the TR appropriately and cover more sections of the brain, which can recover some of the lost SNR.