Patient data summary

No.Post-SAH DayAge (yr)SexHH GradeFisher GroupAneurysm Location, TreatmentVesselVasospasm GradingVasospasm TreatmentMTT Pre-RxMTT Post-RxCBF Pre-RxCBF Post-RxCBV Pre-RxCBV Post-Rx
1562M43BA, coilingR MCAMod/sev10 mg, R ICA5.595.2932.6943.572.352.97
L MCASevere10 mg, L ICA5.504.9538.5245.342.532.91
R PCASevere10 mg, BA6.276.2929.3928.322.022.16
L PCASevere8.255.9122.0135.712.122.61
2444F33L ACA, coilingR MCAMild4 mg, R ICA5.082.2436.0858.632.202.04
R ACASeverePTA, R ICA7.232.1821.8657.251.981.99
L MCAModerate4 mg, L ICA6.142.4236.1950.122.751.81
L ACASeverePTA, L ICA7.952.5219.6737.251.971.36
2 mg, L A1
31155F23No aneurysm identifiedR MCAModerate4 mg R ICA4.794.4445.2656.112.793.38
R ACASevere2 mg, R A15.885.0537.5158.602.894.15
L MCAModerate4 mg, L ICA7.995.0730.7551.913.293.55
L ACAMild2 mg L M26.165.3338.8945.713.233.43
4544F33BA, clippingR MCA*Moderate8 mg, R ICA5.334.8348.7848.903.363.02
L MCAModerate6 mg, L ICA4.193.4657.9277.143.313.77
51142M23AcomA, clippingR MCANoneNone5.295.0947.4643.253.232.90
L MCAModerate7.5 mg, L ICA5.324.2768.2073.734.714.32
  • Note:—HH indicates Hunt and Hess; Rx, treatment; R, right; L, left; BA, basilar artery; Mod/sev, moderate to severe; AcomA, anterior communicating artery; MTT, mean transit time; CBF, cerebral blood flow; CBV, cerebral blood volume; ACA, anterior cerebral artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PCA, posterior cerebral artery; ICA, internal carotid artery.

  • * Near-complete occlusion of the M2 segment of the right MCA on angiographic evaluation with only minimal angiographic response after IA nicardipine infusion.

  • Procedure aborted due to seizures.