Table 1:

Topographic distribution of the lesions in AL and NA patients with WE

Patient GroupThal (%)Periaq (%)Mam Bodies (%)Tectal Plate (%)CNN (%)Fvgm (%)Cer (%)DN (%)Vermis (%)
  • Note:—Thal indicates medial thalami and periventricular region of the third ventricle; Periaq, periaqueductal gray matter; Mam bodies, mamillary bodies; Fvgm, periventricular gray matter located anterior to the 4th ventricle; CNN, cranial nerve nuclei; Cer, cerebellum; DN, dentate nuclei.

  • * Indicates positive statistical association.

  • Imaging sequences included long-TR and short-TE spin-echo sequences and contrast-enhanced short-TR images in multiple planes.