Table 1:

Demographic data and the clinical findings of patients

Patient No.AgeSexDuration of Symptoms (weeks)StageNDI ScoreIgG IndexSymptoms
110M811037ALP, DSP
212F311537DSP, DSI, EI
37F1622099Moderate depression, DSI, INS
414F811073ALP, DSP
59F5110113DSI, EI
67F24225108ALP, DSP, DSI, INS
78F12215433DSP, INS
813F811517IPE, EI, DSP
910M611013ALP, DSI
109F6115105EI, IPE
1110F411531ALP, DSP, DSI, EI
127M5115709DSI, IPE
1313F1822522ALP, DSP, DSI, INS
147M8120161DSP, EI, IPE
159M1222547DSP, INS
169F41151370ALP, DSP, DSI, IPE
179M5110126DSP, IPE
  • Note:—ALP indicates altered personality/behavior; DSP, decreased scholastic performance; DSI, decreased social interactions; EI, emotional instability; IPE, inappropriate emotions; INS, involuntary spasms; NDI, neurologic disability index; IgG, immunoglobulin G.