Table 1:

Characteristics and imaging findings in study patients

No. of patients74
Age (yr)Mean, 63.4
Sex36 Women (48%)
Median time from MRI to angiography (hr)2.9 (IQR, 1.1–4.7)
FVH present53/74 (72%)
FVH in arterial territory of ischemia53/53 (100%)
Location of FVH
    Sylvian fissure50/53 (94%)
    Temporal lobe47/53 (89%)
    Frontal lobe28/53 (53%)
    Parietal lobe18/53 (34%)
Discontinuity or gap in FVH26/53 (49%)
FVH not noted on angiography21 (28%)
Angiographic findings in FVH-negative cases
    MCA M1 occlusion1
    MCA M1 stenosis with anterograde flow2
    MCA M2 occlusion2
    Distal (M3 or greater) occlusion8
    ICA occlusion without MCA occlusion2
    Vertebrobasilar occlusion3
    Posterior cerebral occlusion2
    Anterior choroidal occlusion1
  • Note:—MRI indicates MR imaging; FVH, fluid-attenuated inversion recovery vascular hyperintensities; MCA, middle cerebral artery; ICA, internal carotid artery.